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Our mission is to give voice to marginalized women, who have otherwise been silenced, through intentional experiences that foster personal growth and professional development.

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overn ourselves displaying honor, respect, and love in a community where life is not done alone.

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mpower & encourage women from all walks of life through the spirit of determination and dedication, exposure and equipping.

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arket a life full of opportunities and options for success and doing so with a growth and global mindset.

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erve with hearts of gladness & integrity. Serve our community of women, surrounding communities and global communities through missions.

Opportunities housed & Rooms being built in the Fortress

We are impacting the lives of several 100 women and 1,000's more are being embraced through queendom empowerment.

Monthly Women’s Events

Collective Dexterity - Job Readiness Cohort

TLHumes Wellness Oasis

Pearls Place - Mentorship & Training for teenage girls

Mindset Shift Academy

The Executive Suite - Entreprenuer and Leadership Academy

Priceless Gems Monday

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Past Events

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Empower Women to Empower the World with your donation

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we rely on your generosity and support to empower women with the tools to work their way out of poverty, build health, business and character, care for their families, and strengthen their communities. Your tax-deductible donation helps us provide grants and resources for vital economic empowerment programs for women and girls in the Chicagoland area and around the world.

Thank you!

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Meet our senior ambassadors



Seasoned women of grace. One of the highest ranking representatives who acts as a promoter to our organization’s mission and vision. One who shares ideas in planning with our Founder & CEO, to be discussed and presented for review at board meetings. Senior Ambassadors network with other women’s empowerment communities and builds relationships with women who are in need of our services and programs.

Meet a dynasty angel



An individual who directly invests time, talent and treasure in our new and growing venture, providing ongoing support, contacts and guidance, which creates significant impact and value for the growth of our queendom fortress.

Hello Beautiful! Yes YOU! I'm so glad you're here.

The world's depiction of a creation so dear, so fierce, so great and grand, yet as delicate and full of life as is a flower, while simultaneously enduring many years of pressure, as that of a diamond, is that of a woman. We are the foundation of many things and the center of others, which has no doubt made our world a remarkable piece of art, full of strength and love. We continue to evolve and must cultivate spaces to support and empower the greatness of who we are, pouring into our vessels as we do for those around us, daily. What a time for women to be alive and make our mark with wisdom and grace. I am looking forward to serving, building and blazing trails with countless women here at Dynasty Personified where health, wealth and riches belong.

Mary Erwin


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1750 West 103rd street

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